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Your mailbox, upgraded.

A modern, cloud-based, notification system for your old-fashioned mailbox.



What makes Digitial Mailbox great



Know if there's mail in your box by checking online, or via your app, 24/7.


Instant Gratification

Mail notifications are sent in real-time via push-notification, or SMS.


Increased Security

Know exactly when your mail arrives each day to help reduce fraud and identity theft.


Save Time

No need to keep checking the mailbox; and you'll never miss an important letter.

What people are saying

Don't take our word; see what users have to say about DigitalMailbox.

I work afternoons and somehow find myself always in a rush. Because I use DigitalMailbox, I know whether or not I should pop by the mailbox before heading off to work. It saves me time and avoids stress!

Shawn Murphy

I'm currently a first year medical student and spend most my time at the library. With DigitalMailbox, if I'm expecting an important letter, I know exactly when it arrives, even when I'm not at home!

Anthony Gilmetti
Medical Student

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Frequently Asked Questions
So, what is it exactly?

DigitalMailbox is a small device placed inside your new or existing mailbox which notifies the owner/account holder of new mail placed in your mailbox. To be clear, we're talking about old-fashioned, physical, mailboxes and not email.

Does the the US Postal Service allow this?

Yes. The USPS is working hard to innovate and currently allows box owners to install the device. This is not to say it's legal for anyone else to tamper with your mailbox or mail.

Is this service available in Canada or Mexico?

Currently DigitalMailbox is only available, on a limited basis, in the United States and United Kingdom. We're working on gaining approval in additional countries as fast as we can.

Will it tell me the name of the sender?

Not yet. Your DigitalMailbox simply notifies you of a piece of mail being placed inside your mailbox. It cannot read, scan, or otherwise notifiy you of who the sender is.

Your mailbox, upgraded.